Chancellor Jūratė Pavilionienė

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Date and place of birth

1969, Plungė.


1992 graduation from Šiauliai University, Qualification of the Primary School Teacher and General Education School Teacher of Arts.

2001 graduation from the Law University of Lithuania, Qualification of the Lawyer.

Work experience

1993–1996 Plungė Special Boarding School, Teacher.

1997–2002 Law Academy of Lithuania, Methodologist.

2002–2010 Supreme Court of Lithuania, Chief Internal Auditor, Head of the Personnel Division, Advisor to the President of the Court.

2010–2014 Vilnius Regional Administrative Court, Chancellor, Advisor to the President of the Court.

2014-12-12-present  Chancellor of the Prosecution Service.


Russian, English.

Competence of the Chancellor of the Prosecution Service:

  • organises and controls the economic and financial activities of the Prosecution Service, ensures compliance of those activities with the requirements of international legal acts, European Union legislation, laws of the Republic of Lithuania, Resolutions of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania and other legal acts;
  • ensures the drawing up of estimates of the strategic action plans and programmes of the Prosecution Service, implementation of investment projects;
  • organises and ensures the management of accounts of the Prosecution Service, advance financial control, timely submission of reports on the financial status and reports on the implementation of the budget;
  • ensures the use of budgetary appropriations allocated to the Prosecution Service for the intended purposes, rational management of material resources and assets;
  • in accordance with the procedure laid down by legal acts, grants annual leaves to the civil servants and employees of the Prosecution Service working under the employment contract, except the heads of subdivisions and their deputies;
  • decides on any financial payments to the Prosecutor General to the extent they are not related with the remuneration for work;
  • represents the Prosecution Service in state authorities and other institutions within the limits of his/her competence;
  • approves the cost estimates of the programmes of the Prosecution Service without exceeding the total appropriations approved for those programmes, controls performance by the Prosecution Service of property obligations;
  • supervises the activities of the Division of Document Management and Reception of Residents, Division of Finances and Accounting, Property Management Division, IT Division, Translation Division at the Prosecutor General’s Office, coordinates the activities of Property Management Divisions, Document Management Divisions, translators and IT specialists at territorial Prosecutor’s Offices. 

In the absence of the Chancellor of the Prosecution Service, his/her functions shall be performed by the Prosecutor General and in the absence of the Prosecutor General – by Deputy Prosecutor General.