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An organised crime group involved in extended online fraud and money laundering in several European countries was targeted by the Irish and Finish national authorities with Eurojust’s support. A coordinated investigative and prosecutorial strategy was agreed at Eurojust, which enabled the speedy execution of mutual legal assistance requests between the countries concerned to advance their investigations, as well as the collection and exchange of evidence to ensure solid prosecution. 3 ...


During the meeting of the Working Group Europe of Germany’s Public Prosecutors General at Eurojust’s premises in The Hague, their support and appreciation for Eurojust’s operational support to cross-border investigations was reaffirmed. They stressed the need to safeguard the role of Eurojust for the future. In a resolution of 10 June 2019, the Public Prosecutor Generals expressed their grave concerns that the proposed financial resources for Eurojust in the next EU ...


WELCOME to the Q2 2019 edition of the Eurojust newsletter, a new quarterly platform keeping judicial practitioners and our other partners up to date with recent developments at Eurojust as well as our latest publications.       In this newsletter...      - A message from Ladislav Hamran- Landmark ruling on the EAW- ...


Eurojust sadly bids farewell to the National Member for Lithuania, Ms Laima Čekelienė, who, after 11 years at Eurojust, is returning to Lithuania to finish her prosecutorial career, dealing with matters of international cooperation in the Office of the Prosecutor General in Vilnius. During her time at Eurojust, she vowed to change the thinking of Lithuanian prosecutors, making them more flexible in accepting the assistance of Eurojust in matters of international cooperation. Her ...

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