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Ms Margarita Šniutytė-Daugėlienė joined Eurojust as National Member for Lithuania on 20 August. Ms Šniutytė-Daugėlienė replaced Ms Laima Čekelienė, who returned to Lithuania after serving as Eurojust National Member for 11 years. After receiving a Master’s Degree in Law from Lithuanian Law University in Vilnius in 1999, Ms Šniutytė-Daugėlienė began her legal career as a public prosecutor in the Regional Prosecutor’s Office of Klaipeda, Lithuania, ...


Eurojust helped national authorities from Slovakia, the UK, Germany and the Netherlands to bring down a Slovak organised crime group (OCG) involved in cross-border trafficking in human beings (THB) for labour exploitation and large-scale money laundering. During the action day, which was coordinated by Eurojust, the EU’s Judicial Cooperation Unit, 5 suspects were arrested, and several properties belonging to the criminals were searched. Thanks to Eurojust’s active support, European ...


A Counter-Terrorism Register (CTR) has been launched at Eurojust to reinforce the judicial response in Member States to terrorist threats and to improve security for citizens. The CTR, which entered into force on 1 September, centralises key judicial information to establish links in proceedings against suspects of terrorist offences. The CTR is managed by Eurojust in The Hague on a 24-hour basis and provides proactive support to national judicial authorities. This centralised information will ...


Baudoin Thouvenot became the new National Member for France at Eurojust on 1 September, replacing Frédéric Baab. Mr Thouvenot is a career investigative judge. He was 12 years old when he decided on his future professional path, and he never changed course. His first appointment as an investigative judge was with the Court of Dunkerque in 1991, followed by several posts in the jurisdictions of the Court of Paris. His last appointment was as Dean of the Investigative Judges for the ...

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