Organized crime, corruption

Update time 2020-02-29 18:21
On 5 June 1995 Division of Fight against Organized Crime was established in the Prosecutor General’s Office. Mr. Algimantas Kliunka, the Chief Interrogator of Crime Investigation Department Kaunas Division under Prosecutor Generals’ Office of the Republic of Lithuania at that time, started directing this Division with great enthusiasm. In addition to the Head of the Division, there were one prosecutor, two interrogators and one clerk working in the Division at that time. Up to 1993, Crime Investigation Department was functioning as division of preliminary investigation accountable to Prosecutor General’s Office of the Republic of Lithuania.

The Chief Prosecutor of Division of Fight against Organized Crime was ordered to form divisions of organized crime investigation in the Prosecutor General’s Office and prosecutor’s offices in Vilnius and Kaunas. On 5 May 1993, on Algimantas Kliunka’s initiative, the name of the Division was changed to the Division of Organized Crimes and Corruption Investigation (hereinafter OCCI). The number of interrogators who were later replaced by prosecutors was gradually increasing.

Up to 1995, OCCI divisions were operating in Prosecutor General’s Office and prosecutor’s offices of Vilnius and Kaunas. In 1995 regional and district prosecutor’s offices were set up, and by Prosecutor General’s order OCCI divisions in Kaunas and Vilnius prosecutor’s offices were liquidated; five OCCI divisions in regional prosecutor’s offices of Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai and Panevėžys were established instead. In February 1995 these Divisions started performing the same functions as of OCCI Division in Prosecutor General’s Office, within the limits of competence and activity territory of regional prosecutor’s offices. Traditionally, they were accountable to OCCI Division of Prosecutor General’s Office which in March 2001 was reorganized to the Department of OCCI of Prosecutor General’s Office.

Functions performed by OCCI Department of Prosecutor General’s Office and OCCI divisions of regional prosecutor’s offices are as follows:
  • conducting pre-trial investigation in the criminal cases regarding organized crime and crimes related with corruption as well as other very important cases;
  • organization and direction of pre-trial investigation when pre-trial investigation is carried out by pre-trial investigation bodies specializing in this field, such as Organized Crime Investigation Division of Criminal Police, Special Investigation Service;  
  • maintaining public prosecution in the cases that were investigated by themselves or investigation thereof was controlled by them in all instances of courts;
  • coordination of pre-trial investigation that is carried out by Organized Crime and Corruption Investigations Divisions of prosecutor’s offices, Organized Crime Investigation Division of Criminal Police and Special Investigation Service.

Furthermore, OCCI Department and OCCI divisions collect, analyse and generalise information about the organized crime, particular criminal associations, organized groups, crimes committed or prepared by these groups and members thereof, and cases of corruption. Furthermore, OCCI Department and divisions contribute to the preparation and implementation of programs of organized crime and corruption prevention and measures thereof, participate in the process of legislation, i.e. prepare drafts of legislative acts and submit suggestions and comments.

OCCI Department provides practical and methodical assistance to the regional and district prosecutor’s offices in investigation into crimes committed by organized groups and criminal associations. In addition, the Department analyses and coordinates pre-trial investigation conducted by OCCI divisions, and activity of OCCI divisions related with maintenance of public prosecution, examination of complaints, application and reports on criminal offences.